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    The word wealthy is symbolic of abundance of prosperity and love. However, it means something different to everyone. To us wealthy not only dollars and cents. Wealthy means to us is freedom of choice in life.

    Freedom of choice in life is not a thought but it built on TWO major foundations which are financial intelligence factor and multiple recurring income stream. Financial Intelligence Factor is state of mind, that comes from being a certain way and doing certain things that attract wealth and abundance into your life. Recurring or passive income stream is income generated from investment or business that comes in regularly, usually monthly or yearly and it is very stable.

    Passive income is one of the most important that the rich get richer. It’s how you detach your ability to earn from the limited time that you have in a day. With passive income, you make money while you sleep. You also make money while you’re awake. It’s automatic and simply keeps coming in.

    WealthTree Capital formed by 4 key persons who come from different backgrounds and with different talent but crossed at real estate industry. We experienced passive income can be obtained through the vehicle to invest in real estate especially the auction properties deal.

    The vital objective of WealthTree Capital formation is to provide integrated services in academy and auction property investment. While nourishing the financial intelligence we craving out the road-map to generate recurring income stream. We are planting our “wealth tree” for our family and the love one. While doing this we hope to aspire our effort by influencing more people to do the same and inspiring wealthier community. We rise by lifting others!

    Our Vision

    To help our customer fulfill their dreams by creating multiple passive income streams through real estate.

    愿景: 为客户透过房地产创造被动收入流,以便让他们梦想达成。​

    Our Mission

    To inspire wealthier communities by connecting people to financial intelligence.


    Accountability: Even when no-one is looking. We take ownership for the quality of our individual work but also take pride in what we deliver as a team; our focus is on a successful outcome for all. When thing don’t go as planned we proactively use is as an opportunity to share and learn.


    Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions.


    Autonomy: It is the power to shape our work environment in ways that allow us to perform at our best.


    Auction Property Investment Academy

    We believe knowledge is power. According to Foucault’s understanding of power, power is based on knowledge and makes use of knowledge; on the other hand, power reproduces knowledge by shaping it in accordance with its anonymous intentions.

    The academy team is led by investors with more than 20 years experience in auction property industry. Cumulative properties trading amount for this 20 years is more than RM100 million. Trainers had been financially free for long and young.

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    Wealth Property Management

    We manage your investment/properties like operating a business. Business is about making profit. While we are doing so we also maintaining the ecosystem balance of the industry in order to preserve the sustainability.

    The seasoned property manager acts on behalf of the owner to preserve the value of the property while generating income. Expecting up to 1,000 units properties will be managed by the team early 2022. We enable landlords grow rich in their sleep!


    ~ Robert Kiyosaki

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    Research & Report

    Auction property is in huge number of pool. Up to 2018 it was approximately 30,000 units and value property up to RM15.5 Billion. Expecting a tremendous rise in 2020 for both unit and value.

    To find the right property at the right price while trade at right timing not a rocket science but solely rely on hard work to conduct research scientifically and analyze the data rationally. We talent in differentiating between gemstone and brick stone.

    The research team consists of auction property investors with more than 20 years experiences and seasoned real estate negotiators who serve as treasure seekers for our clients.

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    Specialist & Consultant 

    More than 100 qualified and professional real estate negotiators ready to serve and accompany you in the journey to financial freedom.

    They also play an important role as deal maker and property watch list keeper for our clients.

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